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You can be what you desire most to be.

I can help you learn how to see it, believe it,

and be it.

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I am Howard-

The MAGIC of Life” Coach

Stiving to be a passionate disciple of ​Jesus Christ. I have dedicated my life to ​helping others experience more of life’s ​‘magic’ through shifting perspectives

and cultiating simple, positive habits.

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After decades of struggling with major ​depressive disorder, I feel it a blessing to ​have been able to develop an impactful ​framework through the gift of MAGIC ​(Meaning, Attitude, Gratitude, Integrity, ​Compassion).

This powerful framework has not only ​helped me hold on to hope but has also ​help transform my life by empowering ​me to take personal accountability

for my thoughts and actions.

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With a BS in Psychology and experience as a ​Corporate Trainer I find great satisfaction in ​helping others change ineffective patterns and ​perspectives into heartfelt, lasting changes in ​attitudes and behaviors. My years of renovating ​homes and businesses have also taught me the ​beauty of transormation, not just in physical ​spaces but in the human soul. I have found ​nothing so satisfying as watching the light of ​hope and purpose come back into they eyes of ​one struggling with doubt and despair!

If you're ready to unlock the magic within you and embark on a transformative journey,

I invite you to reach out to me for more information about “The MAGIC of Life”.

Together we can identify the mispereptions holding you back and equip you with the skills to experience ​profound joy, fulfillment, and magic in every aspect of your life.

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Each Monday I’ll send you a little dose of MAGIC to your inbox. I’m careful with your time, so I’ll carefully craft a brief tip each week that I believe will motivate you to seek out more of the magic in your life.

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If you’ve felt stuck, I’m here to support:

A Deep Dive

5 Week Workshop

We will start with my

  • 5 week “The MAGIC of Life” workshop, where ​we will carefully and compassionately recognize ​and break free from limiting beliefs and ​perspectives, and gain confidence and ​momentum toward unbelievabe, unimaginable ​freedom, purpose, and passion for life.

  • With one on one coaching manual we will, with ​introspective questions and journal prompts. We ​will address your specific perceptions and ​perspectives that have shaped your current ​experiences and shift your thoughts and ​feelings into more authentic, intentional ​beliefs and joyful behaviors.

$499 for 5 - one hour transforming

workshop sessions and workbook

What you’ll get with the Deep Dive “MAGIC” of Life Workshop

Discovering the MAGIC of Life: A Journey of Meaning, Attitude, Gratitude, Integrity, and Compassion

Life can be a challenging and mysterious journey, filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows.

But what if there was a framework that could help us navigate this journey with greater ease, purpose, ​and fulfillment? As we dive into the MAGIC of Life Workshop, we’ll look at a powerful set of principles ​that can transform the way we understand ourselves, our experiences, and our potential.

M-Me: Understanding Ourselves and Our Stories

A-Attitude: Cultivating a Mindset of Possibilities

G-Gratitude: The Transformative Power of Appreciation

I-Integrity: Aligning Actions with Values

C-Compassion: Embracing Our Shared Humanity

If these principles resonate with you and you want to explore them more deeply, I invite you to join me ​for the MAGIC of Life Workshop. Through a series of interactive discussions, reflective exercises, and ​practical tools, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your unique path to a fulfilling life.

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Let’s get to work!

What Can 1:1 ​Coaching

Unlock for You?

My Personal Coaching offers 1:1 sessions

designed to:

  • Help you take a step back and consider which current perspectives might be limiting you and invite you to shift your thinking to a more useful, positive approach.

  • Help you clarify and set up a plan to accomplish your goals while developing stategies to overcome the challenges that will arise.

  • Help you learn to see the MAGIC in the journey

you are on.

Let’s get you unstuck and get moving

the direction you want to go.

Finally, a MAGIC show that reveals some “real” secrets.....

  • Howard’s “The MAGIC of Life” show is much more ​than just 45 min of amazing entertainment.

  • Inspires and Empowers with secrets on how ​anyone can invite life’s hidden potentials into their ​lives through the concepts of personal ​accountabiity, attitude, gratitude, integrity

and compassion.

  • Perfect for corporate gatherings, birthday’s, ​reunions and anything in-between.
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Howard performed in our library ballroom before an audience of over 300 people, from young babies to grandparents. Not only is he a skillful magician, but he also uses magic to creatively demonstrate valuable lessons about life. Howard’s professionalism, gentle humor, warm personality and amazing magic tricks resulted in a wonderful show. He will definitely be invited to perform at the Library again”.

Sharon Kuttler

Children’s Program Coordinator

Children Enjoying Magic Show in New Taipei City, Taiwan
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Howards MAGIC show is a unique and refreshing method for teaching creativity, perspective and personal accountability. Howard does so without technical jargon, overly complicated models or unrealistic expectations.

This is an effective method of teaching for all levels of corporate training.”

Bevin Basset

Sales Manager

Provo Craft, Inc.

$299 per show

  • 45 min of MAGIC with a Message

  • A MAGIC show where the guests can experience their own magical transformation

  • This MAGIC Show works

for any event

*Travel is extra depending on location

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Each Monday I’ll send you a little dose of MAGIC to your inbox. I’m careful with your time, so I’ll carefully craft

a brief tip each week that I believe will motivate you to seek out more of the magic in your life.

Sign up below and lets get transforming.

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